Miss. G. Lilly Swords, a missionary from USA took up this challenge and started Methodist School, Batala up to 5th class along with a Hostel in 1958. In the beginning there were only 65 children studying in the school and residing in the hostel. Miss G. Lilly Swords is thus a pioneer to begin the this Institution. She had a great vision regarding education in India specially in Punjab. Along with this Institute she started four primary schools in villages. Two of them later put on grant-in-aid and are still serving in the area. In this way this great lady with strong faith put her contribution in nation building when even the Government had not enough schools. This venture set by her has helped many poor children of the area to have good education, get better professional careers that lead to quality life for many poor families in this region.

In 1964 another very dedicated and committed Missionary from Germany Miss. H. Grams took over the responsibility from Miss. G. Lilly to keep running this Nobel Cause of educating the poor children of this region through the Methodist Institution Batala. She expanded the school up 12th class and hostel up to college. Most of the buildings with adequate facilities were built under the dynamic and constructive leadership of Miss. H. Grams