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The Methodist Hostel, Batala is meant for those who are away from their home but wish to further education/training in Lilly Swords Methodist College of Education, Batala. its purpose is not only to provide food and shelter to the students but also to give them an opportunity for practical living in a community.
The community life in the hostel demands rules and regulation to keep discipline, order and to maintain a good atmosphere among the students.

A student who desires admission in the college hostel must obtain an application form from the office, fill it in carefully,and submit to the manger.

All students will take their meal from the hostel mess as per menu prescribed by the hostel mangement. The students cannot damand any special meal.Students are not allowed to carry food to their rooms. In case, of illness the warden will plan and arrange suitable food for the sick student. No student is allowed to
cook her own food in the college hostel.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the college hostel without prior premission of warden/manager. Visiting day for all students is the  second Saturday of the month.The student will meet only those  visitors whose names and photographs are submitted to the warden/manger by the parents on the prescribed from.

The college student must observe the time table of the hostel.if the studentswant to leave the hostel during the day, he/she has to sign in the book giving
the necessary detaila before leaving. Leave to spend the day or night outside will only be given by submitting an application two day prior to leave the compound with the written consent of the parents.

The students are not allowed to keep more than Rs.500/-in their possession. No gold ornaments or other valueable belongings should be kept in the college hostel, but the deposited with the warden/manger. The managements takes no responsibility for any loss of moneyor anyitem, which is with the students.
   The students are not  allowed to useelectric appliance in the hostel except a tabel lamp, and this only with the premission of the warden. No use of  transistor/radio/tape recoder etc. is allowed. The student are stricly prohibitted to keep Mobile with them.
     Themanger/warden has the right to check any room any time,even in the absence of the occupant,if necessary.

  Any illness or accident, however minor, must be reported immeadiately to  the manger/warden.Medical expenses beyond that amount will be responsibility of the students or their parents.
The students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own room and etire section.Diffent duties will be assigned to them by the warden.
The student will be charged for any breakage of demange of property, fitting or equipement in the hostel.As the student when they go outside from the hostel compound the management of the hostel will not take any responsibility about any happening after the students have left the hostel compound and unit she returns.
Extra activites/practical outside the hostel compound are entirely the responsibility of the student andor their parents.
Any misbehavior in the hostel may lead to  the expulsion of the student from the Methodist Hostel without giving any reason.
The management will not enterinto any arbitration  with the parents,relatives or friends on any hostel matter.
The rooms in the hostel will be assigned by the warden who may transfer a student at any time from one room to another without giving any reason.
The student are expected to take part in Church activities as well as in Christian Programmes in hostel,as arranged by the warden/manger.
Student are not allowed to participate or indulge themselves into any strike or other activities against the management of the hostel, otherwise necessary action will  be taken.
Student are not allowed to join in any political,  anti-social, non-educational academic activities.
The student are not allowed to use any drugs,wine,tabaccoin the rooms and hostel campus.
if found violation of the rules the disciplinary action will be taken including expulsion from the hostel.



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