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Rules & Regulations

     Duration of Course and schedule of Examination:-
   The duration of the course of the degree of B.Ed shall be one year.

  The annual examination shall be once i the year ordinarily in the month of April at such place or       places and on such dates as may be fined by by vice chancellor.

3.  Supplementary examination
shall be held ordinarily in the month of September at such place
     or places and on such dates as may be fined by by vice chancellor.

The schedule of dates fined for various examinations shall be notified by the registrar to the
      Principals of all the affiliated colleges as well as by publication at least one daily newspaperin 
     English, Punjabi, Hindi or Urdu languages.


5.  The B.Ed examination shall be open to only those graduates & post graduate of G.N.D.U.or other
recognised universities who had been admitted to B.Ed. course strictly on the basis of their            
       relative merit in Pre-B.Ed., entrance test conducted by G.N.D.U. or any other university.

6.  The minimum qualifying percentage score for
B.Ed. admission shall be 50% at first or second level
for general and reserved categories for schedule castes category the minimum qualifying score for
B.Ed. admission shall be 45% at first or second degree level.

7.   A person who possesses the qualification laid down in ordinance should have a good character, 
having undergone the course of training for the degree, having secured at least 40% marks in  
internal assessment, having attended not less than 75% of the lectures. A student who is unable 
      to appear n the exams having to shortage in the prescribed course of lectures in the subject or
subjects may be allowed to appear at the following concerned by the lectures at the concerned 

8.  A student who having completed the prescribed course does not appear in the examination, or
having appeared in the examination has failed may be allowed to re-appear in the exam privately  .
as late college student for two consecutives years without attending a fresh course of instruction

9.  Every candidate shall submit his/her admission form to the registrar through the principal of the  
college he/she has most recently attended.  


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