It gives me joy to learn that you are interested to take admission in the B.Ed. Course in Lilly Swords Methodist College of Education, Batala. The college is named after the name of the founder of the Methodist Institution Batala, Miss. G. Lilly Swords a very sacrificing and dedicated missionary . I am also glad to inform you that Methodist Church has been involved in the field of Education of our heritage have contributed immensely  in  shaping the lives and thoughts of young people over more than a century. Institutions like Isabella Thoborun in Lucknow, Calcutta Girls School in Kolkata,  Baldwin Girls School in Bangalore are some to  mention. The Lilly Swords Methodist College of Education is recently recently added to this heritage. I am sure as you become a part of this college, you will experience the growth in education as well as in spiritual life.

I, on behalf of the Managing Committee, extend you a very heartily welcome to our family at Lilly Swords Methodist College of Education.

Thanking you and with regards,

Bishop Subodh C Mondal
Lilly Swords Methodist College
of Education, Batala…


This gives me immense pleasure to welcome you on college website. Our college will groom your career to become the talented and dedicated teachers. I convey all my good and warm wishes to all the faculty members and workers of Lilly Swords Methodist Methodist College of Education. I would be delighted  to welcome  our new students  who will be learning and relearning things and will be part of this beautiful  journey from being a student to a professional. We will be directing and devoting  all our efforts  to bring the real you from your inner self and come out as a true leader.

I am sure that the association  with this Institution will bring more beautiful memories  to treasure this year.

May God Bless You All

Promila Masih
Manager / Secretary
Lilly Swords Methodist College
of Education, Batala…


Thank you for your interest in LILLY SWORDS METHODIST COLLEGE OF EDUCATION Within these pages we hope to convey the spirit of our school-its warmth, purpose, thought and soul to equip young Students, so that they fulfill their potential and unlock potential in many others.

We intend to provide each Student the information needed to make a decision.LILLY SWORDS METHODIST COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, is big enough to possess prime facilities and yet small enough to identify and provide to the individual learner. It is the predominant objective of ours to believe that every Student deserves and needs a high quality, broad based education in order to succeed in life.

Learning opportunities at LILLY SWORDS METHODIST COLLEGE OF EDUCATION are planned and executed to instill academic and leadership competencies as well as acquire skills in order to confidently and productively participate in the rapidly changing times without losing the sight of personal and universal goals. Most importantly, not letting imposed prejudices stop them from dreaming big and to participate in all opportunities that encourage them to lead, compete and succeed.

LILLY SWORDS METHODIST COLLEGE OF EDUCATION has many stories of achievements and courage, we invite you to experience the …