Vision & Mission

  • To maintain and  administer the said college
  • To provide education to Christian and youth of other faiths.
  • This education includes imparting of sound learning, the building  of good character  and spreading of spiritual  truth and knowledge  of God as revealed  in by Jesus Christ to provide religious learning, witness  and worship, in accordance  with Christian belief.
  • To help each person to discover and develop his/her potential as an individual by encouraging inquiry and creativity
  • To provide a well grounded education and high academic standards to prepare youth to be responsible citizen.
  • To encourage appreciation of our national and cultural heritage and to promote national integration.
  • To participate in national development.
  • To promote international understanding and world Consciousness.
  • Our mission is to provide educational facilities to the children in general and to those who are deprived and disadvantaged  irrespective of caste, creed and sex and produce responsible and dedicated teachers  to put valuable contribution  in nation building.